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Nov 1, 2012 9:00am PDT
said in a cnn debate to john king, privatize fema. >> right. >> consider turning it over the states. imagine if the states had no backing from washington in this crisis. imagine where they would be. so that's a subtext. i also think that the whole question of infrastructure and first responders and you know these -- >> government employees. >> -- government employees dewried by the republican party in the last couple of years and this again, nas 9/11, coming to the fore, understanding heroic quality and we need them, sometimes we need government to help people and that, as bill clinton and barack obama have been saying, this election is about, are we in this together or is it every person for themselves in. >> this is just to echo the first thing jonathan said, if you flip it around, this is a major republican talking point and they have basis to make this argument. why do you want to re-elect barack obama if they couldn't work across the aisle for four years. suddenly that talking point that argument gets stopped in its tracks by the pictures of barack obama and governor christie.
Nov 8, 2012 9:00am PST
statistic. >> kay bailey hutchison on cnn said we had republican candidate whose got high profile and said stupid things and that tainted the party. there's a shift -- there's a long -- >> don't forget people shouldn't forget after the party moved away from todd akins they came running back when they thought he had a chance to win and lost over 10, 12 points. that's the taint and she and others can't away from and we shouldn't let them. >> we had a couple of people say stupid things, both murdoch and aiken have constituencies. >> method of conception, rape as a method of conception. >> are we a center-right nation? >> no, we're a center nation. period. >> i think that the results on tuesday would prove that theory. a shout out to david corn for the 47% video that -- >> least a point and a half nationally. >> according to governor rendell, wanted to get that shout out. governor rendell, joy, david. david's book "showdown inside story of how obama battled the gop to set up the 2012 election" a mfust-have. governor rendell's book "a nation of wusses." joined by josh green, kurt anderson, lynn
Nov 14, 2012 9:00am PST
swifters, mopped up the evidence found by cnn and others quicker and there were mistakes made, but i fear that the republican party sees a potential here for a major -- >> clearly. >> emphasizing a scandal they can take. >> hugo, this what is senator mccain had to say about susan rice and becoming secretary of state. >> shaesz not qualified. in defiance of the facts fivedation lafive days later. if this committee clears her of any wrong doing besides being very bright because this was not a flash mob. you better make sure it's true. >> a litany of criticisms from mccain. we know marco rubio is calling on secretary clinton to testify on benghazi and now hearing that general petraeus is going to be testifying before the senate intelligence committee. >> overly harsh, wrong doing. hard for me to imagine susan rice went on national television and took her own analysis of events independent of what other people were talking a about in the administration and threw it out there based entirely on her own credibility. there's obviously a lot of heat being directed at her unfairly. >> isn't that --
Nov 27, 2012 9:00am PST
will ask, is this the best thing the republicans have going for them? we have polling from cnn/orc that asks about a benghazi cover-up. 42% of respondents believe there was a cover-up. 54% believe the statements reflected the information that the white house with susan rice had at the time. >> that poll getses to what the republicans are trying to pull over here. they are trying to suggest that the issue is not what happened in benghazi, not the death of four -- of people working at the american government, including the ambassador and what the state department did, cia did or didn't do, they're trying to suggest what's here is a cover-up that barack obama right before the election wanted to cover up -- well something. i don't know what they're trying to cover up. but he didn't want it to be an act of terror. if he had said this is an act of terrorism, probably would go shooting up in the polls at the time. so there's no sense -- >> he did say it was -- >> there's no point, no sense to their charge of a cover-up. but saying that the state department security office screwed up,
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)